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B&O’s Beosound Level connected speaker is built to last

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Experience superior sound in a minimalist design with the Beosound Level smart speaker. It’s a Bang & Olufsen product that lets you move it around the home in various ways without compromising on audio. Check out today’s blog for more highlights.

You love music, and there’s nothing better to complement your favorite songs than a high-quality speaker. Fortunately, Bang & Olufsen has introduced Beosound Level—a smart speaker that you can place in a variety of positions: laying down, standing up, and hanging on the wall. These three designs accommodate various home layouts and allow you to adapt the audio according to the room size and capacity.

Beosound Level

Beosound Level on a wall

Position the speaker how you want

We’ve seen a plethora of smart speakers on the market that come with voice assistant, smart screen display, drop resistance, and more. But the Beosound Level offers a unique design: you can position it how you like. This means you can place it laying down on a surface for a 360-degree sound. And this position allows the speaker to expand its audio to everyone and everywhere in the room.

Alternatively, stand it up for a rich, diffused sound. This opens up the soundwaves so everyone directly in front of it can experience immersive audio—great for solo parties. Finally, you can even hang this Wi-Fi speaker on the wall if you have limited space. Not only will this complement your decor but it’ll create an open and detailed sound for all to enjoy.

Expertly crafted to last

The Beosound Level not only looks impressive in your home setup, but it’s crafted with high-quality materials for durability. This includes an aluminum frame to keep it lightweight for portability or hanging on your wall. And the changeable fabric and wood covers allow you to explore various designs to suit your decor. Furthermore, the polymer USB-C charging cable magnetically clicks into the speaker’s rear for elegant charging to keep the party going. 

Also, the speaker has a proximity sensor so the control surface appears only when required, and it’ll gently dim after use. And for the right brightness at all times, the light sensor automatically tracks the environment’s brightness during use.

Beosound Level

Beosound Level close up

Use voice assistant for easy controlling

Bang & Olufsen also incorporated voice assistant into the speaker’s design. With Google Assistant, you can control the volume, switch a track, pause and play music, as well as discover more information about the current song using only voice commands.

The Beosound Level features a 16-hour battery life, adaptable acoustics for superior sound, and an IP54 rating, making it dust- and splash-resistant. If this is the smart speaker for you, visit the official website to make a purchase for $1,799.

What are your thoughts on its versatile design? As ever, let us know your feedback in the comments.

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