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This digital measurer is what you would want in your creative kit

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Get accurate measurements faster with the MEAZOR digital measuring tool. Whether you’re a creative DIY-er or a professional designer, this useful tool gives you precise measurements in seconds. It even creates 2D floorplans in an instant, thanks to its leading-edge floorplan measuring function. Read this blog post to find out more about this cool product.

Be ready for any measuring situation when you have the MEAZOR digital measuring tool. This compact digital measurer adapts to all of your measuring needs, whether you’re taking the dimensions of a room or the area of an intricate piece of cloth. Because if you work in a creative profession, you know how important accurate measurements are. No one wants to waste, say, expensive cloth due to a miscalculation. Yet traditional measuring tools like measuring tape, rulers, and yardsticks leave a wide margin for error. Luckily, a tool like this can make measuring errors a thing of the past.

  • MEAZOR digital measuring tool
  • MEAZOR digital measuring tool
  • MEAZOR digital measuring tool
MEAZOR digital measuring tool in different setups

From the makers of the popular ROLLOVA digital rolling ruler, MEAZOR is one sleek piece of equipment. Like its predecessor, this latest creation is pocket-sized with smooth edges, allowing it to fit comfortably fit in your hands or pocket. MEAZOR also has a circular 184 ppi touch screen made of tempered glass where you can see your measurements and control the device. All the materials are high-end to ensure that each use offers a great experience. It also has its own app, the MEAZOR APP, which can measure and save data all by itself. Let’s discover more about this tool for modern creatives.

MEAZOR digital measuring tool in a video

Get 2D floorplan scanning

Need a floor plan fast? Don’t waste time dragging out the old tape measurer and recruiting bystanders to help hold the tape. With this compact digital measurer, you can get a 2D floorplan in seconds. Simply rotate the MEAZOR 360 degrees. The laser ray shifts across the room and instantly creates an accurate floorplan on your smartphone’s MEAZOR APP. So whether you want to redesign your living room or work on an architectural project, this gadget gives you the measurements you need so that you can get to the fun part—designing—faster.

This digital measurer is what you want in your creative kit MEAZOR digital measuring tool
MEAZOR rolling measuring tool in a person’s hand

Switch easily between units

One of the most frustrating parts of measuring is switching between units. While you might work in inches and yards, your client might expect something that adheres to centimeters and meters. If you don’t remember the conversion, you might have to do some extra work. But that too is a thing of the past with this compact measurer. It has a precise scale-measuring function that supports conversion between metric and imperial units and customized scale units in seconds.

This digital measurer is what you want in your creative kit MEAZOR digital measuring tool
MEAZOR measuring tool front and back views

As if those features weren’t cool enough, this product also includes a wheeled rolling measurer that measures lines, curves, scale units, and more. So no more dragging out the flimsy fabric measurer for curved and complex measurements. With MEAZOR, every detail is precise, from straight edges to detailed arcs. What’s more, it’s a 4096-Grade roller, so you know it’s durable and stable.

Measure at a distance

Need to measure something at a distance? This compact digital measurer includes a laser measuring module. It gives you laser precision technology and a real-time measurement mode for instant and reliable measurements from up to 25 meters or 80 feet. So you don’t even have to be near the object you’re measuring to get its dimensions.

And you won’t have to worry about MEAZOR not living up to your standards. It’s actually pretty powerful thanks to its STM32 high-speed processor which supports 120% better processing efficiency. And speaking of the battery, it’s a 550mAh battery that supports up to 30 days standby or 16 hours running on a single charge. So you won’t have to worry about charging it for quite a while. Now that’s a user-friendly gadget.

Get one device for all your measuring needs

Do you also use a protractor, bubble level, curve scanner, and/or a pro laser to complete your work? Then you’ll be happy to know that MEAZOR includes those tools as well. So when you do your work, you won’t have to lug out four different items just to ensure you’ve got the right measurements. Everything’s included with this compact digital measurer.

The MEAZOR APP simplifies your work

With the MEAZOR APP, your measurements and data are automatically saved. So you won’t have to stop taking measurements just to write them down. And, best of all, no more lost measurements because everything gets saved right to your phone. And, in the app itself, you can draw, edit, and save those results. Finally, you can export your vector drawings and measurement data in various formats.

MEAZOR is one powerful measuring tool. It can create an accurate 2D floorplan in seconds thanks to its leading-edge floorplan measuring function. It also has laser, rolling, and distance measuring functions ensuring you get accurate measurements no matter your project. It also replaces a protractor, bubble level, and curve scanner in one device. What’s more, it looks pretty cool with its sleek, pocket-sized design. Whether you’re an avid DIY-er or a designer, this is the tool you’re going to want to have in your pocket.

Pledges for the MEAZOR digital measuring tool typically start at $199. You can currently preorder yours for $129 on Kickstarter. What creative products would you use this digital measuring tool for? Let us know in the comments.

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